Certificate Course in Fire & Safety
Certificate Course in Fire & Safety in Kolkata

From: 01 Jan 2020 To: 15 Aug 2020

Start Time: 10:30 AM End Time: 06:00 PM

Venue: Palium Skills Professional Training Institute in Kolkata, Katju Nagar, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Created By: Palium Skills Professional Training Institute

Certificate Course in Fire & Safety

Event Description

Course Code: (PSSPL- 001) Duration: 5 days


understand General Fire hazards & safety measures in any industry
and the action to be taken in conjunction with emergency services to
prevent fire, explosion and Disasters.

Method of presentation
a series of lectures, demonstration, case studies and realistic
practical fire ground problem evolution, utilization of special
equipments, extinguishing media and techniques.

Qualification of Participants
1. Participants must have passed Class 12 at least
2. Participants must understand English terms and words as manuals will be in English
3. Instructors will explain the concepts in Bengali or Hindi so that candidates can understand

Particulars of Course
1. Duration of Course : 05 days
2. Total nos. of Hours per day : 08 hours
3. Total nos. of Hours during the week : 40 hours

1. Documentation & Opening address : 01 Hour
2. Indoor : 20 hours
3. Outdoor : 15 hours 
4. Case Study/ Discussions : 01 hours 
5. Examination : 02 hours 
6. Feedback & Closing address : 01 hours

Distribution of Subjects
S.N. Subject No. of Hrs
01 Introduction & Classification of Industries 02
02 Understanding Fire, classification & methods of Extinction 04
03 Common causes of Fire & Explosion 02
04 Extinguishing Equipment: Extinguishers 02
05 General Hazards associated with Industries 02
06 General safety precautions Industries 02
07 Fire protection system 02
08 Onsite & Off site Emergency Plan 04
Total 20

S.N. Subject No. of Hrs
01 Operation of portable Extinguishers 02
02 Dry hose drill with hydrant system 02
03 Dry hose drill with foam equipment with hydrant system 02
04 Wet hose drill with Hydrant & Foam Equipment 03
05 BA Set Drill & Use of other PPE 02
06 Simulated exercise: Electrical Fire 02
07 Simulated exercise: Major Fire 02

Test Scheme:
Examination: A written examination will be conducted as follows:
Maximum Marks : 50 Marks
Types of Questions : 25 Objective questions 

Qualifying Standards: Those who secure 40% and above marks will be declared as Qualified.

We conduct this course on monthly basis, so call us for booking
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Organizer Details

Name: Palium Skills Professional Training Institute

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