[Free Webinar] Why should HR lead Inclusion programs?
[Free Webinar] Why should HR lead Inclusion programs? in Bangalore

From: 07 Aug 2020 To: 07 Aug 2020

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[Free Webinar] Why should HR lead Inclusion programs?

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“To win at the marketplace, you must first win at the workplace” – Doug Conant
  • Do you wish to develop the ability to drive buy-in the for D&I initiatives?
  • Have you ever wondered if not HR, then who better can perform this role?
  • Do you think that HR is not acknowledged enough in the D&I journey?
If Yes, then join us for this insightful webinar on Why should HR lead Inclusion programs?


In today’s dynamic corporate scenario for D&I, it’s time to take a step back, and take another look at your people strategy. Does it reflect positively on your organization’s culture in terms of diversity and inclusion? What has it been like at its best and what has it been like at its worst?”
It’s about time that HR and People leaders ask themselves what their teams have to say in their engagement surveys and what the company statistics are saying? Do they mirror each other? This webinar will discuss how HR can and should lead from the front for organizations seeking to create an inclusive environment and to get management buy-in for D&I initiatives.

Why should you attend?

  • Outline the importance of HR metrics and data collation
  • Decode the role that HR plays as custodian of this data
  • Understand how to successfully use this data to achieve the organization’s D&I goals
  • Discover how the HR department can influence organization policies

Who should attend?
  • Human Resource professionals
  • Learning & Organization Development Experts
  • Professionals handling Diversity & Inclusion conversations in organization
  • D&I Enthusiasts
  • Business Leaders
  • Freelance Consultants

We specialize in Diversity & Inclusion related interventions and consulting with our brand – WEQUiTY. In the world full of errors in perception, WEQUiTY helps in creating a sense of belonginess and collective identity. The WEQUiTY( Diversity & Inclusion) Champion Certification aims at creating champions at workplace who create and lead the D&I charter for the organization, develop and train allies and make inclusion everyone’s responsibility. For any queries, please reach out at contact@strengthscape.com or +91 9740001600
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