Magic 2020
Magic 2020 in Whatsapp

From: 01 Jan 2020 To: 31 Dec 2020

Start Time: 09:00 AM End Time: 08:00 PM

Venue: Whatsapp

Created By: Pure Energy Academy

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Magic 2020

Event Description

 Magic In 2020 
Landing group
The first interactive process based on ur individual challenges

Energy inputs from Mystic Guru Shri Viral Manek and Divya Shakti Practitioner Shreevidhya 

What Pure Energy will offer in Magic In 2020
Simple Spells ????
Simple Rituals ????
Simple Mantras ????
Simple Numbers ????
Herb Magic????
Flower Magic????
Symbology ????
By Shreevidhya Gold Divya Shakti Practitioner 

12 Cleansing and clearing meditation 
Transformational 12 meditation by Mystic Guru Shri Viral Manek 

Healing Energy???? Transimssions by Shri Viral Manek And Shreevidhya 

Daily updates based on aligning  energies of the day 

Free Bonus
One psychic reading every 3 months by Shreevidhya Gold 

One free consultation on one topic  by Shri Viral Manek 

Special offers 
20% Discount on select products of Pure Energy 
20 % Discount on Helaing Sessions 
20 % Discount on audio products 
20% Discount on Select Workshops
20 % Discount  on Consultation

Also Give us the list of your challenges for the month and we will design the content based on your input and our reading of the conciousness + astrology + numerology and other esoteric science

Offer price 9999/-

Why 2020 is important
1 The conciousness is going to speed up more resulting into more health and relationship challenges  which will lead to money issues 

There will be huge planetary shifts in 2020 where your current life patterns will not help to deal with new scenarios 

There has been a huge influence of radiations and electromagnetic waves which will effect the psyche of an individual 

On micro level tuning of the energies of ones body mind and soul requires huge inner work 

To join in just message Yes with your Full Name 

I shall add u to the main group 7039011755

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