Stake Holder Management 1 Day Virtual Live Training
Stake Holder Management 1 Day Virtual Live Training in Hamilton

From: 04 Mar 2021 To: 04 Mar 2021

Start Time: 09:00 AM End Time: 05:00 PM

Venue: Hamilton, Canada

Created By: Micheal William

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Stake Holder Management 1 Day Virtual Live Training

Event Description

Course Description:

Anyone in a leadership role or heading up a project that has to engage, persuade and influence others would benefit from these training course materials on Stakeholder Management.

Training course contents:

A stakeholder can be defined, in simple terms, as any person or organisation whose behaviour or actions will have an impact on a result.

These training aim to help you identify your stakeholders; learn how to establish behavioural styles, understand the relationship between the style and their own and use this knowledge to build a strong working partnership that gets results.

By following a logical progression, through identification of stakeholders; initial contact; mapping of aims and ongoing planning, increased positive results can be achieved.

The early identification of the key influencers will ensure that projects are well managed from the start. Communication can be effectively tailored to the right people so as to guarantee an easier flow of information and quicker decision making. In the longer term, projects will require less micro-management as all involved will have a clear understanding of progress and goals.

Course Topics:

Using proven techniques and methods, this stakeholder management training  will teach a full process for the best possible management of key Stakeholders:

Stakeholders Analysis

To get the best out of stakeholders it must be fully understood how they will fit into a project. Stakeholder analysis is a method of breaking down the full picture so as to identify and understand the key players.

Understanding Stakeholder Behaviour Styles

Once Stakeholders have been identified, and prioritised, we need to look at how our own behavioural style interacts with theirs. What style are you?

Identifying Stakeholder Needs

Once stakeholders have been identified and we have examined how behavioural styles interact, the next step is to look at how to work best with each one.

Securing Stakeholder Agreement

Once initial meetings have taken place, and ideas have been discussed, a progression plan can be created. The vital point of any on-going plan is to gain the agreement of all key Stakeholders, without which the project stalls.

On-going Stakeholder Management

The long-term success of your project will be reliant on the long-term contentment and involvement of your stakeholders

Course Feature:

At the end of this stakeholder management training, you will be able to:

Identify your style of stakeholder management along with the needs of your
Recognise ways of securing stakeholder agreement.
Distinguish the 6 different persuasion styles.
State various methods to build an on-going relationship.
Leave with a detailed understanding of each of the subjects covered along with a development action plan.


Once after the training you receive course completion certificate from Mangates

Who can Attend?

Anybody who is interested in learning Effective Soft Skills. 
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