Excel Super User Virtual Live Training
Excel Super User Virtual Live Training in Canberra

From: 30 Sep 2022 To: 30 Sep 2022

Start Time: 09:00 AM End Time: 05:00 PM

Venue: Level 8/121, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia

Created By: Micheal William

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Excel Super User Virtual Live Training

Event Description

Take a leap forward in the way you use Excel. Learn from experts who have years of practical experience and are still developing high-quality Excel-based applications for clients throughout the region. Have you looked at all the “Advanced” Excel courses and thought “They’re not advanced”? Well, we have just the course for you!
Target Audience:
● This course is for users who are confident in their Excel skills but know there is still a huge amount to learn and want to take their skills to the next level.
Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will learn:
● Advanced formulae that will provide you with increased functionality plus improved spreadsheet structure.
● The power of Microsoft Query and SQL in extracting data directly from databases, accounting systems and other data sources.
● Techniques that will expand your understanding of the vast range of possibilities within Excel.
● The functions used by experts to increase consistency and reduce data entry.
● An awareness of the risk of VLOOKUP and the safer alternatives.
● Active X and Form controls to allow user interactivity while maintaining control of your spreadsheets.
● Powerful data analysis and visualization techniques to identify trends and anomalies.
● An introduction to Visual Basic programming so that you can write your own customized functions and perform tasks not possible with formulae alone.
Course Materials:
Students will receive a course manual with presentation slides and reference materials.
There is no exam for this course.
Advanced Formula
● How to use array formulas to do things you can’t do with “normal” formulas
● How array formulas can make your workbooks more robust and secure
● How to harness the power of INDEX/MATCH
● Using OFFSET to produce more flexible and robust formulas
● How SUMPRODUCT can solve formula problems
● Using INDIRECT to improve the power and flexibility of your models
● The benefits of using HYPERLINK to dynamically create hyperlinks
● Autocorrect cheats that make you more efficient Advanced Names
● How dynamic ranges can improve your spreadsheet models and two different techniques to create these.
● What is a Named Formula and when should you use this?Advanced Functionality
● Input dependent drop-down lists
● Combo Boxes v List Boxes
● How to create a powerful Scenario Manager that displays live data from your the model under multiple scenarios
● How to create a Dynamic Chart that automatically re-sizes itself depending on the data available
● Formula-driven conditional formatting Advanced-Data Extraction and Manipulation
● Microsoft Query and SQL
● Extracting Data from external sources
● Pivot Table Tricks and new features in Excel 2010 plus Excel 2013 Power BI
● Introduction to Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power Map
● Importing data and linking without lookups
● Creating Custom Fields
● Power Map
● Ways to visualize data that has a geographic aspect Custom VBA Functions
● Extract Sheet Names
● Advanced Concatenate
● Impressive visualization techniques Highly useful VBA Code (Macros)
● Introduction to VBA and the key components of the VBA Editor
● Recording Macros & what to re-write
● Write VBA code
● Learn about risks and best practice
● Automatic Pivot Refresh
● Automatically show and hide sheets, rows, and columns
● Change-tracking code – how to build an audit trail into your models
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Name: Micheal William

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