[Free Webinar] Decoding Agile EQ – Discover, Recognize and Act
[Free Webinar] Decoding Agile EQ – Discover, Recognize and Act in Bengaluru

From: 30 Apr 2020 To: 30 Apr 2020

Start Time: 03:00 PM End Time: 04:00 PM

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Created By: StrengthScape

[Free Webinar] Decoding Agile EQ – Discover, Recognize and Act

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[Free Webinar] Decoding Agile EQ ? Discover, Recognize and Act

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If your emotional abilities aren?t in hand, if you don?t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can?t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far. -Daniel Goleman

  • Do you?wish to understand why developing emotional intelligence is crucial at workplace?
  • Would you like to discover the culmination of DiSC insights and emotional intelligence?
  • Would you like to?leverage the power of a thriving agile work culture?
  • Would you like to learn how to leverage the Agile EQ assessment for your clients and organizations?
If?Yes,?then join us for this insightful webinar on ?Decoding Agile EQ ? Discover, Recognize and Act?

Webinar Overview?

An employee?s work life and career can be hugely affected by one?s emotional quotient (EQ). The modern workplaces are a melting pot of different personalities, skills, strengths, and emotions. Therefore, Emotional Intelligence is a key skill required for success and building strong interpersonal relationships. Every decision and interaction is impacted by the EQ of an individual.

As Wiley?s India Partners, Strenthscape is proud to showcase Everything DiSC?s new product ? Agile EQ Report in the 1-hour webinar. Everything DiSC Agile EQ is not an assessment of a person?s emotional intelligence. Rather, it is a developmental tool designed to help a person understand their emotional mindsets, what EQ development they might need, why they need it, and how to apply their EQ to a wide range of situations.

Why Should You Attend???

  • Learn how to design learning interventions using DiSC Agile EQ
  • Gain understanding of your EQ strengths and challenges and how they shape your responses across various situations.
  • Take action to become more agile in your approach to social and emotional situations
  • Develop strategies based on your DiSC style to increase your ability and comfort navigating responses that stretch your comfort zone
Who Should Attend???

  • Trainers?& facilitators?of DiSC
  • Business Professionals
  • Managers and team leaders
  • Organizational?Development professionals
  • Learning and Development experts

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